UK Astronomers Closing

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UK Astronomers is tightly linked with Stargazers Lounge astronomy forum - as such, most of our members are also SGL members and most of the content posted is done so in order to share it with Stargazers Lounge.

This arrangement has worked well but, it has been complicated for people having to sign in to two sites and manage two seperate accounts and profiles. Therefore, as of today, UK Astronomers will not be accepting any new members, photos, videos or uploads.

Previously uploaded images will continue to work for the forseeable future so they will still show up in posts etc.. you have made.

I appreciate this may come as a surpise to you but we have big plans for Stargazers Lounge which will bring across all of the most used features of UK Astronomers into the forum, you will be able to have photo albums, blogs, calendars and much much more all within SGL.

My intention is to concentrate my efforts into making SGL the best place for amateur and professional astronomers to come together, share and learn online.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, please email: